Bellagio brand ambassadors
“Manami Hashimoto” and “Egaon.”
They are actively involved in various advertising activities
and industry image promotions!

Manami Hashimoto is a well-known face on television and in movies and magazines.
You could even meet her at Bellagio!


Birthplace: Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture; Height 168 cm, blood type AB
Measurements: B86-W60-H88
Hobbies: Watching movies, theater, golf, reading
Special skills: Horse racing, horseback riding, skiing, kimono fitting, Japanese dance, tongue-twisters

Egaon rode to Bentencho from heaven on a cloud.
He tried to return to the heavens, but he couldn’t manage to fly!
While he was experiencing these troubles, he met the President of Bellagio, who gave him some pancakes and helped him out.
In his search for a way back home, he tries to meet as many people as possible. He became a Bellagio brand ambassador in April 2016!

Birthday: October 20 (age unknown)
Birthplace: Heaven; Favorite food: Anything sweet; Pet phrase: ...on
Personality: Flustered, scatter-brained, frivolous, full of curiosity


  • Guam Branch Manager Egaon works very hard!
  • Egaon becomes the Guam Branch Manager!!!!
  • Manami Hashimoto “Monitor”
  • Manami Hashimoto “Smile”