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It has been 17 years since Bellagio was founded.
I joined Bellagio mid-career. I decided to join the company after being impressed by the sight of Mr. Hayashida, the then-President and Representative Director, hard at work in the hall. My predecessor as President and Representative Director, Mr. Kakiuchi, was hard at work beside him on the same floor.

Our strength lies in our talent.
We use the phrase “immutability and fluidity.” “Immutability” refers to a belief that does not change. “Fluidity” refers to the courage to change when necessary. This industry has seen a variety of changes in the external environment. These changes seem likely to continue in the future.

We have to respond to these changes to advance in the future. That is the reason for our “basic principles” and “Bellagio WAY 2020.” Our basic principles were passed onto us by President Hayashida at the time he stepped down in 2010, and the Bellagio WAY 2020 was similarly handed down by President Kakiuchi.

These two inheritances have an immutable element in common. That is our human talent.
This industry is not just about winning and losing. Many of our customers are looking for a sense of community, and I do not think it is going too far to say that we have entered an age in which our branches can no longer exist without this sense of community.

To build this sense of community calls for super leaders and gifted staff with a combination of great skill and great minds.
This is why at Bellagio we are aiming to create a company that further promotes the training of talented staff able to increase personal added value (personal brand), establishes the Bellagio brand, and continues to succeed and advance through value competition. As President, I am resolved to achieve this aim and pass the company on to future generations in the same way as my distinguished predecessors.

吉田 拓明吉田 拓明
Hiroaki Yoshida, Representative Director