Management ConceptManagement Concept

Corporate slogan

Because we want to make you smile.Because we want to make you smile.

Since opening its main branch in 2000, Bellagio has overcome many obstacles and continued to run with conviction thanks to colleagues working together,
and it has now developed into a company with 21 pachinko halls.

Bellagio is continuing its unceasing advance.
Accordingly, to build a stronger organization, and to strengthen the foundations of a strong company that is sure to succeed and advance within the industry,
we established a project team to create new management principles.
Branch managers who are directly involved in relationship with customers participated in the planning
alongside executives at head office to create a “judgment standard that the principles are everything.”
All staff continued to think as one about these principles “to praise those who fulfil the principles and make everyone involved with Bellagio happy.”
After many clashes of opinions and much trial and error, the current management principles were established in September 2009.

These management principles “strengthened workplace skills” and led to a course of action to realize “the best customer service in Japan.”
They form the common basis for everyone working at Bellagio, and are everything to the company.


Our passion is to provide amazing and moving experiences that make people happy together. We value the “bonds” between all those involved at Bellagio (customers, clients, employees and their families, and local people), and work zealously and constantly to provide the most amazing and moving experiences. We believe that making all these people happy establishes a new lifestyle and creates new value and moving experiences.


We always think about the customer first and, putting ourselves in the customer's place, make rapid improvements day in, day out to provide value above and beyond the customer's demands.

We support each other's dreams and strive for a healthy working environment and a rich, full family life to ensure that everyone is happy.

We deepen out local ties through community activities and invigorate the local community and society.

Working hard at anything is fun!! Bellagio is fun!!

Bellagio Ism

I will step up to any challenge.
I will act voluntarily and independently.
I will continue to learn and grow.
I will be a leader who continues to succeed.