2020 Management Vision

We will improve everyone's morals and independence, grow into a personal brand, strengthen ties with all stakeholders, and establish a trusted, reliable corporate brand.

Customer brandCustomer brand

We will use SMAP activities to become the number one CS company in Japan by providing services that other companies are unable to copy.

Employee brandEmployee brand

We will share a common future, value relationships focused on self-realization, and become the number one ES company in Japan.

Social brandSocial brand

We will contribute to regional growth through the local community and become a business that is needed by society.

Sales of 100 billion yenSales of 100 billion yen

We will promote an expansion strategy aimed at becoming a 100 billion yen company through improved results for our existing branches, new business, the opening of new branches, and M&A activities.

7S to build a strong organizational system for the realization of our vision


Management strategy
Management strategy

We will shift from the pursuit of value to becoming a winner.

We will become a company that succeeds and advances thanks to our manpower-intensive differentiation strategy and individualization strategy.


Organizational structureOrganizational structure

We will create a strong organization that turns out high quality and high productivity.

We will promote the clarification and visualization of the mission of our units, build efficient and effective communication, and create an organizational structure in which simple is best.



We will create a system that creates new value.

We will create customer smiles (CS) and employee smiles (ES), and create a system that creates new value.


Sense of valuesSense of values

We will establish a common understanding focused on the realization of our mission and vision.

Sharing a common sense of values, we will form the greatest Team Bellagio in history from the trinity of management, head office, and other sites.



We will improve technical skills in every field and create a professional group.

We will improve technical skills to the point of acceptance by other companies and in other industries, promote individualization and in-house manufacturing, and create a professional group.



We will nurture super leaders.

We will nurture independent people with tremendous loyalty through the permeation of our principles.



We will create a climate in which everyone is able to do the common tasks properly and face up to challenges.

We will create an environment in which we do not compromise even on small things, and build a climate in which all of our employees are constantly able to rise to challenges.