Initiatives for Promoting Female Participation in the WorkplaceInitiatives for Promoting Female Participation in the Workplace

It has now been 2 years since we launched our female employee activation project as one of our projects for creating new value to establish the 2020 Bellagio brand.
We are making it worthwhile for women to work and creating an environment in which they can easily do so. To prepare for the coming lack of workers due to the declining birth rate, we are carrying out activities on the them of “Shining women! Put energy into the organization!”

2020 Female employment
rate of 30%

From April 2017:
Official site and employment site changed to be female-oriented
From May 2017:
Holding of a discussion meeting for female staff and crew to increase the number of female staff converts
From May 2017:
Update of the pamphlet for female staff.
Implementation of targets 2, 3, 4, and 5

Implementation of the stipulated revision and creation of an environment that is easy to work in

From November 2016:
Revision of personal appearance regulations
From January 2017:
Start of junior employee employment
From January 2017:
Start of planning and operations to provide maternity leave

Early discovery and improvement
of problems and issues

From November 2017:
Holding of women's career path position social meeting
From April 2017:
Holding of regular harassment courses
From April 2017:
Holding of regular hearings for female employees
From April 2017:
Female employee pairing branch crew social meetings

Construction of a career
advancement system

From January 2017:
Acceptance of interns
From February 2017:
Consideration of training program
From February 2017:
Implementation of questionnaire to identify training needs
From April 2017:
Holding of training and meetings focused on female employees

2020 Paternity leave
uptake rate of 13%

From February 2017:
Intervention for uptake of special childcare leave
From May 2017:
Holding of leadership promotion meetings once every 3 months
  • Identification of problems and issues for female employees

  • Benchmark implementation (TAT Inc.)

  • Participation in study meeting on female employee advancement activities

  • Implementation of questionnaire regarding proposals

  • Training by Naturalink Co., Ltd.

  • Holding of female employee social meeting.

  • Proposal of junior employee system

  • First harassment lecture

  • Proposal of changes to female employee uniforms.

  • Planning of preparation of Bellagio guiding principles book

  • Start of Welcome Baby system.

  • Start of Comeback system

  • Second harassment lecture

  • Provision of regular articles to “Woo!” as external advertising

  • Regular hearings on career path positions for women

  • Holding of regular training for female employees

  • Holding of training for male employees by external trainers

  • Initiatives for Kurumin mark, Osaka City Female Participation Leading Company, and Eruboshi certification

  • Proposal of career advancement system

  • Revision of personal appearance regulations

  • Start of junior employee employment

  • Acceptance of interns

  • Introduction of short-term childcare leave system (special paid holiday)

  • Start of meetings focused on career path positions for women

  • Operation of new personal appearance regulations

  • Start of leadership promotion meetings (once every 3 months)

  • Implementation of female employee pairing branch crew social meetings

Examples of the introduction system

Harassment lecuture

First and foremost, it is essential not to create victims within the organization, but it is also important to prevent people from becoming perpetrators.
This lecture aims at deepening understanding of harassment and creating a healthy working environment.

Welcome Baby system

To ensure that mothers enjoy peace of mind concerning pregnancy and childbirth while working, we have proposed compatible working arrangements.

Comeback system

This system enables people to return to work smoothly after quitting due to unavoidable circumstances such as pregnancy, childbirth, illness, or nursing care.
We support your desire to work.

Training for female employees

Female co-workers can get to know each other better while engaged in training to improve their skills, focus on problems and issues, and work together to create an environment in which it is easy for women to work.

Short-term childcare leave system

We are promoting the uptake of paternity leave to improve the work-life balance of male employees. While some people still feel anxious about taking several months, we have established this system to make it easy for employees to take 5 days of special paid leave.