CSR ActivitiesCSR Activities

Pull tab eco-cap collection activities

Incinerating 400 PET bottle caps as trash produces 3150 g of CO2. These are separated and collected. We are participating in activities to sell them back to recyclers and use the profits to provide polio vaccines for children around the world. 800 caps enables the supply of one vial of vaccine. We are also collecting the pull tags from canned drinks and selling the aluminum to metals traders. We are participating in activities to donate the profits to welfare institutions. “If you throw it away, it's trash. If you separate it, it's a resource.” We have placed collection boxes in our branches, so please help out.

Activities to save electricity

  • Removal of wasteful decorative illuminations

    Colorful decorative illuminations are commonly used to decorate the inside and outside of pachinko halls on signboards to attract customers. However, the Bellagio branch design reduces the number of decorative illuminations fitted inside and outside, partly to reduce the costs of installation and maintenance, but also to prevent “light pollution” that bothers people in the area, and because of environmental concerns that make it desirable to reduce electricity consumption. We are also trying to use the minimum electrical power required for pachinko machines and in the halls outside of business hours as a measure to save electricity in all our branches.

  • Promotion of introduction of LED lighting

    In order to save electricity, the lighting inside and outside of out branches is being replaced by LED lighting during branch maintenance and refurbishment work.

  • Promotion of “cool biz”

    Bellagio has designated the summer period of 3 months from July to September in which electricity consumption increases as the “cool biz” period.

  • Major details of other initiatives

    • - Appointment of an Energy Management Control Officer and an Energy Management Planning Promoter in line with the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy.
    • - Participation in seminars to deepen knowledge of the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy.
    • - To verify use of electricity, a person in charge of management will be appointed at every branch and a meeting of the people in charge of management will be held every two months to share information.
    • - Sharing of figures by visualization of electricity use each month at each branch.
    • - Establishment of demand management system and implementation of lecture course.
    Fiscal year 2012 2013 2014 2015
    Change on previous fiscal year (%) ▲9.3 ▲3.1 ▲6.3 ▲1.5

Cleaning activities in the neighbourhood of branches

We in the Bellagio Group are engaged in cleaning activities in the neighboring areas around our branches as a contribution to nearby society.
The call to engage in cleaning activities was not a top-down corporate initiative. Instead, it originated entirely with staff working in our branches, and the activity is held after gathering supporters in each branch.
In addition to the simple cleaning activity itself, the day of cleaning provides an opportunity for communication with local people, many of whom provide help or offer thanks, and employees are often showered in praise.

Blood donation activities

As part of our social action program, we have invited the Japanese Red Cross blood donation bus to come to receive blood donations.
Within Osaka Prefecture, donations are required from at least 1100 people every day. The supply of blood to people who require regular transfusions, such as cancer patients and leukemia sufferers, accounts for 83.7% of this. Blood preparations for transfusion have an expiration date. The expiration date for red blood cells is 21 days after collection, and blood loses its value with every day that passes.
We intend to continue this activity in the future with the help of Bellagio employees and also of local residents.